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  • .NET Excel Component - Nasosoft Excel  1)   .NET Excel Component - Nasosoft Excel
    .NET Excel Component - Nasosoft Excel v3.7 is a rich feature Excel control for C#/VB.NET to enable your application to read/write Exccel files. It supports Excel 95-2003 format and Excel 2007 format (.xlsx).

  • VB Decompiler  2)   VB Decompiler 8.4
    Decompiler of Visual Basic programs. Decompiling forms, pseudo code, native code procedures (with power Pentium Pro disassembler and emulation engine), .NET IL code.

  • AthTek Code to FlowChart  3)   AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.5.1
    Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineer and document writers. It automatically generate flow chart/NS chart from source code, and help user to understand complex program structures by visual diagrams.

  • NeoBook Professional Multimedia  4)   NeoBook Professional Multimedia 5.7.1
    Powerful Windows application builder for creating custom Windows utilities, interactive presentations, educational/training materials, database front ends, CD menus, calculators, etc. Built-in compiler creates stand-alone Windows exes. Royalty-free.

  • ExeScript  5)   ExeScript
    Create secured stand-alone applications from BAT, VBS, JS or WSH scripts. Ever want to run a Visual Basic or JavaScript without needing to open it in a Web browser? Need automated, silent execution? Try ExeScript, a stand-alone script compiler!

  • Gentee  6)   Gentee 3.6.2
    Gentee is a full-scale and free programming language. It is easy-to-master and can be a reliable assistant in your everyday work. Software developers can easily use it in their applications. All documentation and a set of libraries are available.

  • ASPtoEXE Professional  7)   ASPtoEXE Professional
    ASPtoExe is the tools which can compile asp project into exe file.The compiled exe file is an application program of window, which can run without IIS.

  • Ufasoft Common Lisp  9)   Ufasoft Common Lisp 4.28
    Free Common Lisp implementation. Features: VisualStudio-based IDE, creating EXEs, support of Windows Mobile console and IDE Lisp interpreter and compiler. It is smallest implementation of Common Lisp, just 1MB of binary code.

  • Astrobe  10)   Astrobe 3.0
    Astrobe is an integrated development system for writing efficient 32-bit native code ARM software to run on the NXP LPC2000 family of microcontrollers. Use it to develop both high- and low-level software without having to use assembler or C.

  • .NET IMAP Component for CS VB.NET ASP.NET  14)   .NET IMAP Component for CS VB.NET ASP.NET 2.0.313.626
    The Ultimate IMAP is a part of the Mail Component which offers a comprehensive interface for downloading e-mail messages from a server and managing your mailbox remotely, all from within your application.

  • Email Validator .NET Component CS VB.NET  15)   Email Validator .NET Component CS VB.NET 2.0
    Ultimate Email Validator is a .NET class library that adds powerful and comprehensive address validation to your .NET app without sending e-mails to recipients. You can easily validate bulk e-mails loaded from many sources with a single line of code

  • Mobile Framework Standard  17)   Mobile Framework Standard 1.1
    Mobile application framework is a framework for simple creation of native, form-oriented network applications for mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Mobile Java).

  • JadRetro for Linux  18)   JadRetro for Linux 1.6
    JadRetro is a command-line utility that could help You to successfully decompile Java classes created by the modern Java compilers (of Java 1.4, Java 1.5 or later). JadRetro is not a decompiler itself, it is a class transformer for decompilers.

  • JCGO  19)   JCGO 1.00
    JCGO is a software product which translates (converts) programs written in Java into platform-independent C code, which could, further, be compiled (by third-party tools) into highly-optimized native code for the target platform and deployed.

  • Video Director  20)   Video Director 1.51
    Video Director is a wonderful and free video maker software. It can capture and edit videos, then convert them to various video formats that can share on TV, DVD and mobile phone.

  • PCL to TIF - PCLTool SDK Option IV  21)   PCL to TIF - PCLTool SDK Option IV 8.795
    A PCL to TIF, PCL to EMF, PCL to BMP, PCL to PNG Batch Conversion Program. PCL2TIFF converts COMPLEX PCL into raster/vector file formats while extracting text. PCLTool SDK - Option IV (PCL2TIFF) Includes: PCLXForm, PCLCodes and other utilities.

  • Batch File Compiler Professional Edition  22)   Batch File Compiler Professional Edition 4.53
    Convert BATch files to EXE format. Select EXE Icon. Run Invisible Mode. Embed additional dependency files. Print centered color text, gather user input, do math, change text to lower/upper case for compare, and protect your code with encryption.

  • Free Satellite 4TV  23)   Free Satellite 4TV 2.0
    Our state-of-the art TV on PC Software is the leader of online TV. Millions of copies sold prove that our TV on PC software sets the standard in Online TV!

  • PDF Creating  24)   PDF Creating 2.0
    PDF Creating is the fast, affordable way to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. (Win 95, 98, 2000 and Me, NT 4.0 and XP)

  • LikeBasic  26)   LikeBasic 1.3
    Simple basic like scipt language with component to include in different kind of host applications.Automatic typing system. Extendable by using .NET class libraries.Could be easily to be integrated with host application.

  • CZ Print Release Station  27)   CZ Print Release Station
    CZ Print Release Station 3.0 is print management software, best suited ultimate print control solution for libraries / schools / colleges of low budget, where print jobs hold and release is centralized and unwanted print is restricted.

  • Rocket Spanish - Learn to Speak Spanish  29)   Rocket Spanish - Learn to Speak Spanish 2
    Learn Spanish like a ROCKET with Rocket Spanish! If you want to learn to speak Spanish confidently and naturally in less than 8 weeks and take all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of your practice time then Rocket Spanish is for you!

  • .NET FTP/SSL, SFTP Component  30)   .NET FTP/SSL, SFTP Component 2.0
    NetXtremeFtp .NET class library offers a number of classes that make the work of transferring files directly from your application using FTP/SSL more easily.

  • seo expert  32)   seo expert 2.0
    seo expert, your specialist.Go farther with seo expert.

  • website submission 2.0  35)   website submission 2.0 3.0
    directory submission software - empowering people.Everyone should believe in directory submission

  • My Fax  36)   My Fax 1.0
    My Fax ebook Compiler. Review the best e fax services with this free ebook compiler.

  • Millionaire Matchmaker  37)   Millionaire Matchmaker 1.0
    Review sites like Millionaire Matchmaker with this brandable ebook compiler. The skinny on sugardaddie sites plus a free ebook compiler that you can brand your own.

  •  38) 1.0
    Review sites like with this brandable ebook compiler. The skinny on sugardaddie sites plus a free ebook compiler that you can brand your own.

  • SugarDaddyForMe  39)   SugarDaddyForMe 1.0
    Review sites like SugarDaddyForMe with this brandable ebook compiler. The skinny on sugardaddie sites plus a free ebook compiler that you can brand your own.

  • Computer Fax  40)   Computer Fax 1.0
    Computer Fax, Review the best E Fax Services with this Free Ebook Compiler. Computer Faxand Review the best E fax providers like MyFax, Efax, Rapidfax, and MetroFax with this Free Ebook Compiler that you can brand your own.

  • Receive  Fax  41)   Receive Fax 1.0
    Receive Fax, Review the best E Fax Services with this Free Ebook Compiler. Receive Fax and Review the best E fax providers like MyFax, Efax, Rapidfax, and MetroFax with this Free Ebook Compiler that you can brand your own.

  •  42) 1.0 ebook compiler, Complile your own ebook with this Free Ebook compiler

  • Application Builder  43)   Application Builder
    Not only convert your VBScript (.vbs) , JScript (.js) , HTML, HTA files into Executables (.exe) but it also encrypt your files source code and give it a professional touch by adding your ICON & Version & Company Name to it.

  • CodeWarehouse  44)   CodeWarehouse 2.4
    The most extensive professional source code snippets manager for software developers. Manage, organize and share source code snippets. Obtain full control over the source code snippets.

  • Just BASIC  45)   Just BASIC 1.01
    Just BASIC is a free personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for teaching or learning programming. Create utilities, games, business apps with syntax coloring editor, debugger, GUI editor. Produces standalone applications.

  • BIGSPEED Video Compression SDK  46)   BIGSPEED Video Compression SDK 1.0
    BIGSPEED Video Compression SDK is a low-complexity, high-performance engine for quick development of video streaming applications. It incorporates video capture and video compression/decompresion in a single COM automation object.

  • BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK  47)   BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK 3.0
    Client/Server components for private voice chat and instant messaging. Sample applications are included in Visual Basic 2005 and Delphi 7.

  • Basic4ppc  48)   Basic4ppc 6.30
    Basic4ppc is a powerful but yet simple development environment which targets both mobile devices and desktops. Basic4ppc supports a wide range of advanced features including: GPS, SQL, FTP, Web Services, Networking, Serial Ports, Graphics and more.

  • Tukanas Calendar script  49)   Tukanas Calendar script 1.0
    Tukanas Calendar script is a full-featured calendar in which you can add single events or ongoing events. It is easy to customize and is available in a customizable layout. As a result, it is very easy to integrate in any website. It can be displaye

  • Photo Gallery Manager script  50)   Photo Gallery Manager script 1.0
    Tukanas Photo Gallery Manager script is a convenient PHP script. It presents digital image files as an online gallery or set of galleries. Installation is very quick and galleries are easy to organize and mange using your favorite FTP or SCP file man

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